May 11, 2021

6 Factors Related Electro Hydraulic Pusher Selection: Beginner’s Guide


The electro hydraulic pusher, also called electro hydraulic pushing rod and electro hydraulic linear actuator.

Learning more about electro hydraulic pusher selection factors here, you will be an expert through this guide.

It is mainly manifested in the following 6 aspects.

Let’s keep reading.

1.Electro Hydraulic Pusher Model


The right models of electro hydraulic pushers will be selected firstly by your real requirements.

Electro-hydraulic pushing rods can be divided into two common models.

One is called the DYTZ electro hydraulic pusher.

The other is called the DYTP electro hydraulic linear actuator.

The difference between the two models electro-hydraulic pushing rods is the installation position of the motor.

The DYTZ electro-hydraulic pusher’s motor is connected at the bottom of the pusher.

The DYTP electro-hydraulic pusher’s motor is placed parallel to the pushing rod.

More details, you can click our download page for more useful catalogs about DYTZ and DYTP electro-hydraulic pusher.

2.Electro Hydraulic Pusher Motor


We will recommend the right models of electro-hydraulic pushers to you after being informed by your requirements.

After we confirmed the model and related application, the right model motor will be selected.

For example, if the electro-hydraulic pusher model is DYTZ1000-500-50. Then the model of motor will be Y90L-4-1.5KW. Other infomation is followed: 3.6A, 380V, 50HZ, IP44, R.P.M 1420R/MIN, PUMP 306.

If you are not sure about motor models, we can always help you here. Insulation class is B level.

If you need the explosion-proof motor, please kindly keep us informed.

What’s more, the SIEMENS and other China famous brand motors are also available.

3.Electro Hydraulic Pusher Stroke

The stroke, generally speaking, refers to the distance when pushing rod moves from the fully closed position to the fully open position of the center of the front mounting hole.

Before selecting an electro-hydraulic linear actuator, the user needs to determine the push-pull distance that the electro-hydraulic linear actuator needs to achieve in their project design so as to determine the stroke requirement of the actuator.

4.Electro Hydraulic Pusher Pushing Power

Each electro-hydraulic pusher has a different internal configuration to achieve different load capacity.

The user needs to determine the load capacity of the selected electro-hydraulic pushing rod according to the actual weight of the object that needs to be pushed and pulled.

The load capacity marked on the pushing rod is the rated load. The corresponding load capacity value is for the load in the horizontal or vertical position use.

In some applications, the installation of the electro-hydraulic push rod will have a certain angle and external resistance.

At this time, these extra factors need to be taken into consideration when choosing one set electro-hydraulic pusher.

5.Electro Hydraulic Pusher Speed

Because even the same type of electro-hydraulic pushing rod can have different internal configurations, this determines that the same type of push rod has different working speeds under different load conditions.

Once the load starts increasing the operation speed is slower when it is working.

The user needs to know the running pushing and pull speed based on the time required to actually complete the pushing and pulling action in real application.

6.Electro Hydraulic Pusher Application Angle

Before placing the order, the buyer should know the running pushing and pull working angle based on real application.

The working angle of the electro-hydraulic pushing rod has several forms, such as horizontal position, upward position (including diagonal upward), and downward position (including diagonal downward).



From this blog, you could understand how to select the right model electro hydraulic pusher quickly.

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