May 10, 2021

How To Manufacture 1 Set Electro-Hydraulic Pushing Rod?


When it comes to electro-hydraulic pushing rod design and production, here you can find the real manufacturer and be able to get a clear understanding of how to manufacture it with precision excellence technology.

If you are the beginner of this area, you are coming the right place.

Let’s keep reading.

Before we share the production process of electro-hydraulic pushing rod for you, you could get a quick glance for below picture process.


1.Electro-Hydraulic Pushing Rod Drawing Analysis


If your electro-hydraulic pushing rod is accompanied with the 3D or CAD drawing, the dimensions that you add on the technical drawing are the important part that will be checked by our factory engineers.

It is recommended to dimension all important features on your drawings though to avoid misunderstanding and errors.

Before confirmed the order with buyers, our professional team will check all drawings and requests with customers carefully again and again. It can ensure zero production mistakes.

More information on adding dimensions to your drawing can be found in this detailed article by Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

2.Electro-Hydraulic Pushing Rod Model And Motor Selection

We will recommend the right models of electro-hydraulic pushers to you after being informed by your requirements. DYTZ and DYTP related models are good products.

After we confirmed the model and related application, the right model motor will be selected.

For example, if the electro-hydraulic pusher model is DYTP1000-600-50. Then the model of motor will be Y90L-4-1.5KW.

If you are not sure about motor models, we can always help you here.

What’s more, the SIEMENS and China famous brand motors are available.

3.Electro-Hydraulic Pushing Rod Components Production

In this step, the important small components of electro-hydraulic pushing rod will be produced as model type.

Such as gears, springs, electro-hydraulic pushing rod’s shell, metal pushing rod, etc.

4.Electro-Hydraulic Pushing Rod Motor Assembly

Then our engineers team will help assemble all components as one set electro-hydraulic pushing rod.

After finish this step, then the right model motor will be assembled with pushing rod together.

5.Electro-Hydraulic Pushing Rod Debugging And Inspection

In this step, you can see that one set electro-hydraulic pushing rod assembly is completed successfully.

Our engineers team help finish the debugging and inspection of all linear actuators.

In this step, we can check pusher’s stroke length, speed, pushing power, etc.

6.Electro-Hydraulic Pushing Rod Cleaning And Painting Process

As you know, the surface will be influenced by the process of customized fabrication.

Our workers help finish the following cleaning process to make sure pusher surface without any stain.

After finished the cleaning process, the surface will be in high quality.

After the cleaning process is finished, we can start painting.

Usually the blue varnish will be used for following painting process.

7.Electro-Hydraulic Pushing Rod Packaging And Stock

This is the last step of all electro-hydraulic pushing rod’s production process.

We have the professional packaging team for every electro-hydraulic pushing rod shipment.

The electro-hydraulic pushers packaging can be done by standard wooden case.

Then all electro-hydraulic pushing rods products are in stock before delivery.


From this blog, you could understand how to manufacture one set electro-hydraulic pushing rod successfully.

Highv has several years of production electro-hydraulic pushing rod experience which make it an ideal choice for you.

Our expert engineers team is well versed in electro-hydraulic fields, making sure there is no error in your every electro-hydraulic pusher order.

With the core advantages of advanced equipment and excellent teamwork, our cooperative partners relay and trust us very much.


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