May 12, 2021

What Is The Difference Between Electric Linear Actuator And Electro Hydraulic Pusher?


Electric linear actuator and electro hydraulic pusher product essence is no difference. In many industries, they use the electric motor forward and reverse rotation to complete the push and pull action.

If you are the beginner in this field, you will learn more about differences between them through this guide.

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1. The Difference In Working Principle

The electric linear actuator is a reciprocating electric drive device.

It is used in various complex or simple technological processes, as an electric actuator to realize remote centralized control or automatic control.

The electric linear actuator is a kind of general equipment.

Since its production, it has been widely used in electric power, machinery, metallurgy, transportation, coal, chemical, grain and feed processing machinery and other industries.

And electro hydraulic pushing rod adopts full hydraulic transmission.

The electric motor drives the two-way hydraulic pump forward and backward to output hydraulic fluids through the forward and reverse rotation, which is sent to the oil cylinder through the hydraulic control valve, and the reciprocating movement of the piston rod is also realized.

2.The Difference In Overload Function

There is an overload automatic protection device in the pushing rod.

When the stroke of the pushing rod reaches the limit position or exceeds a certain value of the rated thrust, the pushing rod will automatically stop working to achieve overload protection and prevent the motor and components from being damaged.

When the electro hydraulic pusher is working, if the external force on the piston rod exceeds the rated output force or the piston has reached the end, the motor is still rotating.

At this time, the hydraulic fluids in the oil circuit increases to the set pressure, and the relief valve quickly and accurately Overflow, automatic overload protection is realized.

Although the motor is rotating, it will not burn.

3.The Difference In Self-Locking Function

  1. The self-locking force of the electric linear actuator is related to the self-locking force of the screw rod, nut, and the motor itself. After the electric pushing rod is powered off, the electric pushing rod stops and will not slide down.
  2. The hydraulic self-locking mechanism is designed in the oil circuit integrated block of the electro hydraulic pusher. If the motor stops, the piston rod stops at a certain position immediately, and the hydraulic fluids is in a pressure-maintaining state.


From this blog, you could clearly learn what is the difference between electric linear actuator and electro hydraulic pusher.

Then it will help you select right model linear actuators for your project.

More about electro hydraulic pusher design, manufacturing process, selection and installation, you can contact us for details.


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